The Benefits of Wearing Protective Styles: Weaves and Wigs

Hey everyone! Are you looking to switch up your look, but don’t know where to start? You’re in luck – today, I’m going to be talking about the advantages of protective styles like weaves and wigs. If you’ve been considering these two hair trends for a while now, then this is the perfect place to find out more. We’ll go over the main features, as well as prices so that by the end of this post – you’ll have all the information you need! Ready? Let’s get started!

Types of Weaves and Wigs

Weaves and wigs are a great way to change up your look without having to commit to a drastic cut or color. With so many options available, it can be difficult to decide which style is right for you. In this article, we will explore the different types of weaves and wigs in order to help you make an informed decision.


Braids are one of the oldest protective styles that has been around for centuries. They can range from small cornrows near the scalp all the way down to large box braids that reach mid-length. Braiding your hair allows you ease of upkeep since there is no need for daily styling or product application; simply re-braid as needed every few weeks.


A weave is when natural hair strands are attached with synthetic ones in order create fullness and length. Weaves come in various textures such as straight, curly, or kinky; giving you plenty of options depending on what type of hairstyle you’re looking for! Additionally they can be applied using several methods including sewing (track weaving), gluing/taping (quickweave), crocheting (latched crocheting) or even using clips (faux hawks).


Wearing wigs is another way to add length and volume without having to damage your own hair with harsh chemicals like dyes and relaxers. Wigs can also last much longer than other protective styles such as clip-ins if taken care of properly–so it’s important do research before purchasing one so that it meets individual needs best! Like weaves, they come in various textures ranging from straight/curly/wavy human hair pieces all the way down too synthetic fibers used specifically for drag queens cosplay costumes.

Advantages of Protective Styles

Protective styles, such as wigs and weaves, are a popular hair care choice for individuals looking to keep their natural locks healthy and intact. Protective styling involves covering the scalp with either a unit or an extension of hair that is secured by braids or other methods. Not only can protective styling be used to maintain length and volume in your own hair but it also offers many other advantages.

One of the biggest benefits of protective styling is the ability to give yourself a break from regular daily maintenance routine. Wearing these units removes stress on your hair while simultaneously giving you plenty of time for experiments with various styles without having to worry about damage occurring over time. With this method, you can play around with different colors and looks without fear of damaging your real hair underneath.

Alongside saving time in regards to maintenance routines, wearing extensions and wigs provides people with access to different textures without needing chemical treatments which often cause damage if done incorrectly. As well as this, protective styles offer protection from environmental aggressors such as sun exposure and wind – both known causes for damage due to their drying nature.

Protective styles also provide you with more freedom when exercising or participating in activities where sweat may become an issue; no need for worrying about getting up close enough so they can see how drenched your forehead region has become! Lastly (and perhaps one of its most important aspects) is that protective hairstyles help preserve moisture better than leaving natural tresses exposed; great news since moisture-starved strands drastically increase chances of breakage.

In conclusion – not only are there numerous practical benefits associated with wearing protective hairstyles such as wig/weave/extension units, but they’re easy on pocketbooks too! They’re available in any color imaginable at affordable prices making them ideal choices when wanting something new yet functional all at once. So don’t hesitate — check out what options work best for you today!

Maintenance Tips for Weaves and Wigs

Weaves and wigs are a great way to change up your style, or keep it low key with little effort. However, they also require some special care in order to look their best and last longer. Here are some essential tips for keeping your weave or wig looking fresh:

Clean Properly. It’s important to cleanse the scalp underneath the weave or wig regularly, as you would if you were wearing your natural hair out. A good cleanser can help remove product build-up, dirt, and oil from the scalp (which can cause dandruff). Follow with a light conditioner if needed for extra nourishment. And don’t forget: when rinsing out any product, be sure to use lukewarm water — hot water is too harsh on synthetic hair strands!

Brush Carefully. Weaves and wigs come in multiple textures that may require different brushing techniques. For coarser textures such as Afro kinky curl or loose wave styles, use a wide tooth comb; for finer textures like silky straight styles, opt for a paddle brush instead. Start at the ends of each strand and work gently towards the roots — this will reduce breakage so that your protective style looks fresher for longer!

Take Breaks. Depending on how often you plan to wear them throughout the month, it’s recommended that weaves/wigs get removed every 3–4 weeks in order to give natural hair ample time to breathe between styling sessions. This helps prevent any potential damage from occurring while allowing more oxygen flow through follicles which leads to better growth!

Don’t Overstyle. Heat tools such as blow dryers should only be used sparingly (if at all). Too much heat can damage both synthetic fibers of weaves/wigs and weaken natural hairs underneath due its drying effect over time — so limit use whenever possible! Instead try using air-drying methods by braiding wet locks into twists overnight before unraveling them in morning – voila: soft curls without direct contact from heat-based appliances!

Styling Techniques for Weave and Wig Hairstyles

Weaves and wigs can be the perfect solution to those who want a new look without committing to a long-term hairstyle. The two types of hair extensions are available in numerous colors, textures, lengths and styles, and offer different benefits for anyone wanting to change up their style with ease. Here we’ll take a look at some of the styling techniques you can use when wearing weave or wig hairstyles.

When using weaves or wigs as protective styles it is important that your scalp gets adequate air circulation so that your natural hair does not suffer from any damage due to excessive sweat or product build-up. To ensure this happens many stylists recommend lightly braiding away small sections of natural hair before installing the weave or wig. This will give your scalp extra ventilation while still maintaining an even base for a fashionable result. With a weave installation this also allows for more manageable styling once finished as you don’t have loose hairs lying down which make it difficult to work with the extensions. Parting is also key when styling these looks; whether its making bold statement parts through centre partings – whatever way you choose always make sure that each piece has been properly secured at all times so as not get lose over time due to brushing and combing.

Curling, straightening, adding volume – these are just some of things you can do with both weaves and wigs! If using synthetic materials then only use electric powered heat tools on lower temperatures settings otherwise they may melt (wool) burn (lace) become deformed (silk). When choosing human hair products then heat styling becomes easier but remember higher temperatures should still be avoided as they reduce the lifespan significantly plus cause severe damage if used often.

Lastly accessories. A great benefit about having either type of extension installed is being able add cute accessories such as ribbons, bows, clips etc…to really enhance whatever style you’re trying create – giving them an instant glamourous feel! For those wearing short full lace wigs think ponys tails which easily tie back into place using braid elastic bands whilst longer lengths allow greater flexibility allowing for intricate plaiting/braiding effects like french rolls etc… Funky colours , sparkles & glitters supercharge any look much more than normal black/brown shades usually seen on regular everyday people!

With these tips in mind now go out there & start creating amazing protective hairstyling looks worthy enough show off anywhere – no matter what season!!

Health Benefits Associated with Protective Styles

Protective styling has become an increasingly popular trend amongst African American women. Protective styles like weaves and wigs provide a wealth of benefits, both health-related and aesthetic. Health is the biggest benefit to wearing protective styles, as they help protect hair from damage from daily styling routine. This includes protecting against split ends, breakage, heat damage, and general wear-and-tear that can be caused by regular hairstyling routines.

Another major benefit associated with protective styles is their ability to reduce stress on natural hair follicles. Since some hairstyles require constant manipulation over time (like braids or cornrows), it can cause tension on the scalp leading to traction alopecia or other forms of hair loss due to excessive pulling and tugging at the roots of our strands . By incorporating protective styles into your regular rotation you are taking away much of this strain, allowing your natural hair underneath the weave or wig to remain undisturbed for longer periods of time while still having access to more daring looks if desired.

Having access to these more avant garde looks also provides another significant advantage: versatility! With protective styling comes an unlimited amount of style options that many women would not be able to achieve without them – extensions allow for added length in a jiffy while wigs open up color choices unavailable with naturally colored strands alone! Protective styles also assist in helping keep up appearances between trips into salon chairs; no matter what new look you’re trying out at home or abroad it’s easy enough just switch out a wig when needed rather than reliving all those hours spent in salons endlessly working away – a real life saver!

Lastly but certainly not least – protetive styling offers an opportunity for short term commitment; most weaves/wigs only need replacing every 3 months depending on how often you opt for a new look so there’s plenty of room for experimentation without feeling tied down permanently with one color choice & cut forevermore!

All things considered protective styling can be seen as an extremely beneficial option, providing healthier scalps & longer lasting effects than traditional methods may offer . If done correctly ,weaves/wigs used properly should last quite some time throughout multiple cycles which helps improve overall care & maintenance since less work needs tending too each passing month (ie if using sewn-in pieces) . So why wait? Try out protective stylling today !